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Gamercamp brings together the best of videogames for people of all ages who love games.

Attendees experience three days of inspiring talks, panels, presentations, gameplay sessions, demos, films, game jamming, and arcades showcasing the depth and talent of the North American games community.

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Lead Image: Audience in 3D Glasses checking out The Depths to Which I Sink. 2010. Credit: Gavin Hay

2013 coverage

Gamercamp invades Toronto with indie videogame awesomeness, 2013.10.25
Hotel gets videogame takeover, features in-bed chanting
Wired UK, 2013.10.24
A night at the museum: how a Canadian institution is using games to lure visitors
Verge, 2013.08.13

ROM Game Jam combines video games and ancient culture
Star, 2013.08.07

ROM Game Jam to breathe new digital life into ancient cultures
CBC, 2013.07.23

2012 coverage

Gamercamp: Dyad’s Shawn McGrath
Dork Shelf, 2012.11.28 interviews: Mary DeMarle, Patrick Redding, Ken Amarit, 2012.11.26

DayZ creator is watching you suffer
 The Toronto Sun, 2012.11.19

Gamercamp: No Quarter with Charles Pratt and Matt Parker
Dork Shelf, 2012.11.16

Gamercamp: Capy’s Kenneth Yeung talks Super TIME Force
Dork Shelf, 2012.11.15

Gamercamp: Guacamelee! gets set for knockout
Dork Shelf, 2012.11.14

Gamercamp: Vander Caballero interview
Dork Shelf, 2012.11.13

Survival of the Dead: DayZ’s Dean Hall refuses to go easy
Dork Shelf, 2012.11.12

Splinter Cell dev: Industry must offer more than violence, 2012.11.07

Gamercamp 2012: So you want to be a game developer…
Paper Droids, 2012.11.05

Gamercamp: Dean “Rocket” Hall interview (video)
Dork Shelf, 2012.11.04

AAA not the future, says Splinter Cell: Blacklist director, 2012.11.04

Gamercamp takes place in Toronto this weekend
CityNews Toronto, 2012.11.04

Toronto’s Gamercamp screens Takashi Miike’s Ace Attorney film
Anime News Network, 2012.11.03

Gamercamp: Eidos Montreal’s Mary DeMarle on crafting game narratives
Financial Post, 2012.11.02

Gamercamp: Ken Yeung promises Super Time Force will melt your brain
Financial Post, 2012.11.02

Gamercamp: Chris Harvey on the surprising success of Mutant Blobs Attack
Financial Post, 2012.11.02

Gamercamp Games Showcase Preview
Dork Shelf, 2012.11.02

Gamercamp a TIFF with joysticks
The Toronto Sun, 2012.11.01

Can video games create empathy? Interview with Minority Media’s Vander Caballero
Q with Jian Ghomeshi, 2012.11.01

Toronto’s Gamercamp expanding discussion around gaming
Financial Post, 2012.10.31

Gamercamp: Toronto a video game backwater no more
Metro News, 2012.10.31

Gamercamp brings Miike’s Ace Attorney to Toronto
Twitch Film, 2012.10.31

Gamercamp takes over Toronto this weekend, 2012.10.30

Five things to check out at Gamercamp this weekend 
Toronto Standard, 2012.10.30

Sound Shapes, DayZ and Mutant Blobs Attack developers speaking at Gamercamp Toronto
Polygon, 2012.10.29

Come see games at Toronto’s Gamercamp
Destructoid, 2012.10.29

Gamercamp 2012 details, 2012.10.25

2011 coverage

Innerspace (Space), 2011.02.05

Gamercamp Lvl3 set to celebrate game culture in Toronto
Globe and Mail, 2011.11.16

Gamers setting up camp in Toronto
Metro Toronto, 2011.11.21

Gamercamp highlights Toronto as a video game innovation hub
Financial Post, 2011.11.22

Third annual Gamercamp takes place this weekend
680 News, 2011.11.25

Gamercamp Lv3: Play
Toronto Thumbs, 2011.12.01

2010 coverage

Gamercamp LV2 Raises the Bar
Dork Shelf, 2010.11.19

Gamercamp Explores the Ideas and Art Behind Video Games
Torontoist, 2010.11.16

Gamercamp Level 2
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Toronto’s indie gaming scene levels up
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